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RAM-X-CD-01 | Delta Funktionen - Wasteland | Album / Compilation CD

audio: soundcloud      buy cd: here

Delta Funktionen presents the compilation cd of the Wasteland Chapters. Spread over 4 EP's, from which the first two have been released on Rado Matrix in June 2015 and the other two in September and October 2015, it tells the story about an intergalactic journey towards the planet Wasteland, somewhere deep into the Andromeda Galaxy.

According to the latest information from the Radio Matrix headquarters: "Somewhere deep in the Andromeda Galaxy lies the mysterious planet Wasteland. Little is known. Though, rumor says it inhabits lifeforms from all over the Laniakea supercluster. These lifeforms have only one thing in common: on their home planet they are part of the Mutant Society." Does Wasteland exist? And what are these lifeforms doing there? Are they desperately looking for the Lifewater Oasis? Which dangers are they opposed to? What is the Korath System?

As an exclusive product for members of the Mutant Society on Earth, Radio Matrix recorded the auditory data from its latest visitor, Delta Funktionen. Spread over 4 EPís and compiled on this cd, it tells the intense story of his journey towards Wasteland.


01 Wasteland
02 Hurt Me
03 Tab
04 Black Endlessness
05 Pusher
06 A Drone Killed My Bunny
07 Phantom
08 Bunker
09 Mutant Society
10 Lost In A Dream
11 The Last Game

written and produced by Niels Luinenburg
mastering by M.A. Spaventi
artwork by Lost Communication