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RAM-X-10 | Delta Funktionen - Junior High School Excursion To The Parallel World | 2x12" Album

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Hello children, for this year's excursion we have organised a fantastic trip: a one week journey to The Parallel World! A world where its leaders decided to go back in time rather than moving forward. It will be a mind bending excursion. It will be great. We will ignite the Delta Craft torpedoes next Tuesday 8am sharp and leave one hour later with warp drive towards The Parallel World. We shall experience the power of at least 17 trillion Frisian horses, can you possibly imagine?

Once we have arrived, you can choose from one of these three activities:

1) Take part in a sting operation where you will be able to sneak into the offices of the corrupted leaders. Detect their intrusions, scams, lies and all other highly dubious activities they’re infamous for.

2) Participate yourself into these scams and become part of the classified sector. Explore first hand if this line of work applies to your ambitions.

3) For those of you who already gave up on humans, there’s the chance to take care of the last surviving animal; the hyena!

Isn’t it exciting? So kids, take a good rest and prepare yourself for an amazing journey to The Parallel World!


A1 scitiloP
A2 Welcome To Our Timezone
B1 Torpedo
B2 Warp Drive
C1 Frison
C2 Sting Operation
D1 The Classified Sector
D2 Hyena

written and produced by Delta Funktionen
mastering by M.A. Spaventi
artwork by Plastica

After the analog-retro-MS-Dos spirit of the 2015 Wasteland project, Delta Funktionen returns with a new journey directly forward to - or from - the parallel world!? Presented on 2x12" inches on his own Radio Matrix imprint, it sees Niels Luinenburg handling his trademark techno-electro sound: strong beats combined with futuristic sounds and atmospheres. Whether the beats are broken or straight up four to the floor, the atmosphere always has the vibe of an interstellar journey and a melancholy of longing for better worlds. Where the tracks on the first disc focus on lush melodies on top of rounded grooves, the second disc sees a more rough and somewhat abstract side of Delta Funktionen.

Release set somewhere in June 2017 on Radio Matrix on 2x12" inch.
Distribution by Clone.