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RAM-X-09 | Miller & Keane - Remnants Of A Technologically Advanced Society | 12" EP

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As technology consumed the Antikytherian Empire, the council of conjunction had no choice but to take desperate measures: Probe 2187 was launched into the event horizon of Markarian 335. Its mission was to find an escape route into an alternate reality. A hazardous mission and as the orbit failed, the probe made one last transmission before it was submerged into oblivion. The Phantom Regiment, with their time manipulation abilities, managed to capture these signals. Trusted sources claim transmitters 1200 & 1210 are the only reliable outputs for these remnants of a technologically advanced society. The Antikytherian Empire, believed to be the first cosmic empire, was never heard of again...


A1 Probe 2187
A2 Signals
B1 Markarian 335
B2 As The Orbit Fails

written and produced by Dave Miller and Damian Keane
mastering by M.A. Spaventi
artwork by Hiro Ikematsu

Radio Matrix is proud to release the next installment done by Dave Miller & Damian Keane. Having been around the scene for more than 2 decades, its easy to hear and understand the depth and vision of these two producers. Both have been active as DJ's since the late 90's. They have played many festivals and club shows and ran a quality techno label: Audiosculpture. Mostly releasing their own music, but also Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search' Counterpart project found its way to the label. On RAM-X-09 Miller & Keane serve 4 exquisite deep techno cuts. Atmospheric and futuristic will definitely be the key words for this release. Miller & Keane have been the mentors of Delta Funktionen in his early producing years. Therefor, Radio Matrix is very honored to finally be able to show the world more of the great visions and depth of these two producers!