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RAM-X-08 | Retrograde Youth - Earth Disorders Part 1 | 12" EP

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Raw electronix all the way from Medellin, Colombia. It's Retrograde Youth making his debut on Radio Matrix. By serving us three different kind of tunes, he shows us he is definitely an artist to keep your eyes and ears focused on. Where the first track shows his more melodic side with a grimy twist, the darkness really starts to unfold on the flip. 'Love Fantasy' will fill the room and leaves no escape with its haunting bassline, flanged hihats and Earth shattering leads. And on the B2, 'No Time' is the one for the dark basements, straight up acid for the tough kids! And this is only part 1...


A1 Dark Desire
B1 Love Fantasy
B2 No Time

written and produced by Felipe Marin
mastering by M.A. Spaventi
artwork by Lost Communication