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RAM-X-07 | VC-118A - B76 Over Land | 12" EP

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Fresh goods from VC-118A. Known as one of the deepest electronic producers out there, Samuel van Dijk has released under different monikers as Mohlao, Multicast Dynamics and Inward Content (together with Delta Funktionen). Here he presents a 6 track conceptual EP about ancient aviation machinery operated throughout turbulent times. But don't be mislead, this might be conceptualized in historical events, the music is far from a blast from the past. This is some pure futuristic Hi-Tech-Electro from the north of The Netherlands! For fans of Warp and all other adventurous DJ's out there...


A1 Intro
A2 B76 Over Land
A3 Vex
B1 Vapor
B2 Trigger

written and produced by Samuel van Dijk
mastering by M.A. Spaventi
artwork by Samuel van Dijk